Free Contracts for Ridiculous Wagers

SpitShake is a free service that helps you turn your silly ideas into a reality. Designed for bets involving more than just money, our contracts help to identify the participants, and specify all the rules and regulations of the wager:

  • The Challenger (person issuing the bet)
  • The Participant (person doing the bet)
  • The Arbiter (impartial judge)
  • Restrictions and Exceptions
  • Conditions for Success
  • Conditions for Failure
  • Rewards for Success
  • Punishments for Failure

Once all fields are completed, we generate a customized contract that you can share and print. It’s quick, it’s free, and best of all… it’s a document that you can get everyone involved to sign.

Spitshake History

Once upon a time, I used to work at an office where people made a lot of silly bets. We were a close-knit group of friends, who oftentimes got into competitive streaks… and it led us down some interesting paths. Though money was sometimes involved, it was rarely the sole motivator. Oftentimes, these bets were just excuses to make something ridiculous happen.

The first three Challenges showcased on this site originate from that workplace. But the one that stands out in my mind is the one where my friend Ben attempted to eat six Arby’s roast beef sandwiches in an hour, without getting sick.

Ben started off at a good clip. But my friend Chris (who instigated the bet) was sitting next to him the whole time, taunting him. Chris would ask things like How’s it tasting? Is it greasy? It looks greasy. Does it taste greasy? Eventually, Ben took a break and return to the table with some music and a pair of headphones – partly to get his energy up, and partly to block out Chris.

But when Cris saw this, he cried foul. The two of them got into a fairly heated discussion in the middle of the bet (with the clock ticking away), and both seemed to be in the right: it seemed fair that Ben be allowed to listen to music, and yet it also seemed fair for Chris to distract Ben, verbally.

Many hours later, looking back on the event, we joked that if only there ha been some kind of contract… we could have avoided the whole argument.

The Arby’s incident happened over seven years ago, but the contract idea is one that’s stuck with me ever since. I loved the idea of allowing people to create a fake-looking legal “contract,” quickily and easily – something that could collect all their rules and parameters, and spit out a printable thing that everyone involved could sign.

I’m hoping this site will help people formalize their silly bets, and if it helps make a silly wager come to life… all the better. If you end up using SpitShake to realize a wager… I’m all ears. I’d love to hear about it.

Felix Jung lives in Chicago with his wife Liz, and two rabbits named Baxter and Professor Snugglesworth. When he’s not creating ridiculous websites like this one, he runs, a personal blog he’s been updating every day since June, 2002.

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