Red Sox vs. White Sox: American League Playoffs, 2005

Mike decides to taunt Chris with a surprise gift.

Mike and Chris are both strong White Sox and Red Sox fans, respectively. When news came that Boston clinched the wild card and were going up against Chicago, the emails started to go back and forth between them.

Originally, the bet began as something basic: $10 to the winner. But then a few cans of B&M beans were thrown into the deal, and the stakes quickly escalated… to the point where the loser would end up eating nothing but beans for lunch.

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The Vending Machine Challenge

Anthony, at the start of it all. First up: oatmeal.

Our coworker Matt was at a bachelor party, where he heard about this bet: eating one of every item in a vending machine. We started looking at the one in the office, and figured that to eat everything within a regular work day, that translated to somethingn like 4.375 items per hour – one item, every 13.7 minutes.

It was all a theoretical thing, but our friend Anthony threw down the gauntlet and agreed to tackle the challenge head-on.

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The Arby’s Roast Beef Challenge

The sandwiches have been purchased!

Our coworker, Jane, told us about her previous workplace and how someone there had tried to eat 10 Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwiches in an hour, on a dare/bet. We got to talking about how many we think we could reasonably put down, and Ben felt he could do six sandwiches.

When the talk of barfing came up, the terms everyone agreed on was that there could be no throwing up during the initial hour of the contest, or for the hour immediately following.

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