The Vending Machine Challenge


Our coworker Matt was at a bachelor party, where he heard about this bet: eating one of every item in a vending machine. We started looking at the one in the office, and figured that to eat everything within a regular work day, that translated to somethingn like 4.375 items per hour – one item, every 13.7 minutes.

It was all a theoretical thing, but our friend Anthony threw down the gauntlet and agreed to tackle the challenge head-on.

Conditions for Success
  • The attempt needs to take place on the premises, at the EI office.
  • All items must be consumed between 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM.
  • Eat every item in the Q101 office vending machine.
Conditions for Failure
  • Inability to consume all items from the Q101 office vending machine.
  • Anthony, at the start of it all. First up: oatmeal.

  • This, my friends, is a man with a plan!

  • The only way to eat Twizzlers: all of them, at once.

  • Sugar crash. Anthony takes a break.

  • Ben, doing some math and calculating the total sodium and caloric intake.

Rewards for Success

Anthony will get the collection of money that was raised: $70.

Punishments for Failure

Anthony must pay for all the snacks (approximate value: $25).


Anthony unfortunately didn’t make it all the way through. He was a trooper, and had shown up on the arranged day, despite having just (barely) recovered from a pretty serious illness a few days prior.

He took several breaks throughout the day, but finally had to call it quits around 3:30 PM. Interestingly enough, it wasn’t the sugar that did him in, but all the sodium.

Word of warning, to all you would-be attempters out there: this one’s harder than it looks!

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  1. Filmed my co-worker trying this same challenge back in 2000. He couldn’t do it either. It was the Starbursts that got him.

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