If there’s one thing we like better than helping people with their ridiculous bets, it’s seeing photos of those ridiculous bets. If you used a SpitShake contract as part of a bet, we’d love to showcase it here! Just enter your info below.

  • Submit a Challenge (1/2): Background Info

  • Example: The Vending Machine Challenge
  • Example: http://spitshake.com/contracts/some-number/
  • The Beginning

    Tell us what happened: what started the ball rolling, what led up to a challenge being issued? We're going to assume some degree of alcohol and impaired judgment was involved, just to save time. But tell us the rest!

  • The End

    Every story has a winner and a loser. Were there injuries? A loss of pants? Did you need to resort to an arbiter for the final decision? Tell us what happened! We want the gory details.